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   Written at the request of her children, Fashioned: The Secret Life of a Mom chronicles Joanne King’s improbable journey from her childhood in the Bronx to the international worlds of fashion and music. A chance encounter at Studio 54 launched her on a modeling career in Paris, Milan, and New York, working with an iconic fashion editor, an Academy Award-winning actor, and a world renowned artist. With fortitude and grit, she managed harrowing experiences in her youth, and as a model living in Paris, survived the manipulative, unsavory, and dangerous denizens of that seemingly glamorous world. Serendipity led her to record with an international disco group, take an evening stroll with a music legend, and revisit a past life that foretold her present.

      After overcoming personal losses and a near-death experience, Joanne emerged from self-exploration with a startling realization that would alter her life’s trajectory.

      Audio version contains excerpts from her recording career.


"A beautifully written personal account peppered with harrowing experiences, surreal encounters and a motivating journey of personal growth ... Although Joanne has led an extraordinary life, this novel tackles subjects most women will relate to, and her journey will be inspirational to many "

    - L. Jones

"Brutally honest and filled with powerful insights about life ... readers will be enthralled by the beguiling voice of the narrator, as well as the strong personality behind that voice."

    - R. Dzemo

"Joanne King lays her entire life on the table in Fashioned, putting into words the experiences that few can attest to ... King wraps up this series of events with the succinct and clear declaration of a woman who decided to change her own course, taking control of her body back."

    - A. Syed

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About Joanne

Joanne King has worked as a photo stylist, model, singer, and freelance writer. She was also the co-founder, CEO, and designer of her own evening wear company. She currently works as an interior designer and yoga instructor in Central Florida. She is a first-time author.

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